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What is Enterprise Asset Management – EAM?

“EAM is the management of all assets owned by a company, based on maximising the return on investment in the asset….”

SAP EAM for Utilities is a solution aimed at Generation, Transmission & Distribution companies…”

EAM is…..

  ……..a solution / concept / strategy

EAM is not…..

  ……..a single piece of software


What is SAP & How does it serve Utilities Companies?

Core Components - The core processes of the utilities industry are supported by the following  components:

  • PM  Plant Maintenance
  • SMP  SAP Mobile Platform
  • MRS  Multi Resource Scheduling
  • EHS  Environment Health and Safety
  • WCM  Work Clearance Management
  • BI/BO  Analytical reporting
  • PS  Project Systems
  • LAM  Linear Asset Management
  • SAP - GIS Integration

Supporting Components - SAP provides the following modules to support the core processes of the utilities industry:

  • IM  Investment Management
  • CO  Controlling
  • FI   Financial Accounting
  • FI-AA  Asset Accounting
  • HR  Human Resources
  • MM  Materials Management

Asset Maintenance Concepts

What are assets?

  • Any object within your company which requires maintenance, has a value, or generates a revenue
  • Assets can be technical objects, vehicles, tools, etc

Why are they maintained

  • Record & Report on all assets owned by a company
  • Maximising the asset potential
  • Maximising the longevity of the asset
  • Maximising the safety of the asset
  • Managing long term expectations of asset performance


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