ISU/CCS Device management includes device technology , Device Installation , Meter reading and Inspection and certification of device.

Device category/device is essentially identical to the material/equipment, hence  all of the data and functions of the standard Logistics component are linked to Device Management module of ISU.
­         -- Inventory Management
        -- ­ Purchasing
        --­ Warehouse management
        --­ Plant maintenance
        --­ Classification system

 In the IS-U Device Management component, we can use IS-U-specific data and functions over and beyond the functions available in the R/3 Logistics application component. These include the following data and functions: ­

        --Technical data, such as register group, input/output group, and command group
        --­ Installation as well as removal and replacement of devices in an installation
        --­ Installation  Structure for representing device and register relationships, and the rate data of these devices
        --Organization and execution of meter readings in the supply area
        --­ Device inspection: sampling procedure, certification, and periodic replacement

Rmktechnology  will focus in this module on:

         Understand the main Device Management  processes.



         Understand the scope of device management  based on SAP  ISU


         Configure the processes related to Device  Management


         Understand how Business Rules Framework is embedded into Device Management and what it can be used for


                Configure Business Rules Framework for Device Management.

        Describe how ISU/CCS  is integrated with standard SAP.

Course Syllabus

     1. Technical Master Data  
  1.1 Connection Object
  1.2 Premise
  1.3 Device Location
  1.4 Installation
     2. Technology  
  2.1 Device
  2.2 Device Category
  2.3 Register Group
  2.4 Winding Group
  2.5 CT and PT    
  2.6 Device Life Cycle    
  2.7 Register Relationship
     3. Service Order  
  3.1 Installation
  3.2 Removal
  3.3 Replacement
  3.4 Inspection


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