Billing and Invoicing module explain the process that starts with Billing and Invoicing and finishes with Bill print out. Here you will also get knowledge of all  ISU/CCS  master data and functions relevant to Billing. Detail analysis of  rates and prices modelling  is presented in most simplistic way.
The key components of Billing and Invoicing module is summarised as below:

         Introduction of  Billing

        Business Scenario

        Billing in ISU Data Model

        Utility Industry : Term explained

         Billing Master  Data


        Billing Class

        Rate type



        Variant Program


        Fact Group


        Rate Category



        Invoicing Functions

        Account  Maintenance

        Due Dates

        Credit Processing.

         Joint Invoicing / Integration

        Outsorting  in Invoicing

        Invoice Reversal


       Billing overview

       Billing reversal  and Adjustment

       Manual Billing

       Billing Exception

       Billing Outsort

       Billing Exception

  Various Business process involed in Billing module are listed below. At the eand of this course you shoudl be able to configure those in SAP.


  • Billing Process Scheduled Billing
  • Billing  Process Produce Invoice Statements
  • Joint Invoicing
  • Process Invoice Printing
  • Billing Process Bill Inserts And Messages
  • Billing  Process Send Sms For The Month
  • Process Send Ebill  For The Month
  • Billing Process To Send More Than One Bill Copy For A Month
  • Billing Process Display  Latest Bill  For The Month On The Web
  • Billing Process Category Change
  • Billing Create Maintain Installation Facts
  • Billing Process Individual Reversal Or Adjustment.
  • Billing Process Mass Reversal Adjustment
  • Billing  Process Produce Invoice Statements
  • Billing Process Display  Latest Bill  For The Month On The Web
  • Billing Process Mass Reversal Adjustment
  • Billing  Process Duplicate Invoice Statement.
  • Billing  Process Bill Batching
  • Billing  Create Maintain Rate Tariff Structure
  • Billing  Create Maintain Price
  • Billing  Create Maintain Discounts Surcharges Prices
  • Billing  Process Bill Simulation
  • Billing Process Bill Exceptions And Errors
  • Billing  Process Unscheduled Bill

Rmktechnology  will focus in this module on:

         Understand the main Billing and Invoicing  processes


         Understand the scope of Billing  Management based on SAP


         Configure the processes related to Billing Management


         Understand how Business Rules Framework is embedded into Billing and what it can be used for


         Configure Business Rules Framework for Billing Strategy.

Course Syllabus

     1. Introduction of Billing  
  1.1 Business Scenario
  1.2 Billing in ISU Data Model  
  1.3 Utility Industry : Term explained
     2. Billing Master Data  
  2.1 Billing Class
  2.2 Rate Category 
  2.3 Rate Type
  2.4 Operand
  2.5 Prices, price categories, Price types
  2.6 Rates, Rate line items
  2.7 Rate Facts Group
  2.8 Billing Schema
  2.9 Variant Programme
  2.10 Operand Group
    3. Billing Function  
  3.1 Billing overview
  3.2 Joint invoicing
  3.3 Collective invoicing
  3.4 Bill reversal and adjustment
  3.5 Manual billing    
  3.6 Billing exceptions    
  3.7 Bill out sorting
  3.8 Meter reading, Billing and Invoicing block


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