Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable (FI-CA) is a subledger accounting for processing large document volumes and realizes the typical accounts receivable functions. The key components of FICA module is summarised as below:

         Introduction of  FI-CA

        Contract Account

        Account Balance Display

        Payment, Returns and Clarification List

        Credit Management: Creditworthiness, Security Deposits, Installment Plans and Deferrals

        Collection Management: Dunning

        Reconciliation Keys

        Accounting in General Ledger

         Presentation of Collections Management

         Dunning by Collection Strategy

        Set up Company codes for contract account payable and receivable

        Define Collection strategy

        Set up Master Data groups

        Dunning charges

        Dunning activities

        Dunning lock reasons

        Define collection step

        Define capacity planning for dunning activities

        Define Time-Dependent Creditworthiness Weightings

         Set up the Business Rules Framework for FI-CA Collections management

        Application Class

        Implementing classes.

Rmktechnology  will focus in this module on:

         Understand the main FI-CA processes


         Understand the scope of Collections Management based on SAP


         Configure the processes related to Collections Management


         Understand how Business Rules Framework is embedded into FI-CA and what it can be used for


         Configure Business Rules Framework for Collection Strategy

Detail Course Syllabus

     1. General Finance Overview  
  1.1 Document
  1.2 Line Item
  1.3 Open Item
  1.4 Closed Item
     4. Credit Enquiries and Dunning  
  4.1 Creditworthiness
  4.2 Additional Deposits
  4.3 Payment Deferrals
  4.4 Installment Plans
  4.5 Dunning
     5. Maintain Security deposit  
  5.1 Security Deposit Processes
  5.2 Create Security Deposit
  5.3 Maintain Security Deposit
  5.4 Transfer Security Deposit
     6. Process Refund  
  6.1 Process Cash Refunds
  6.2 Process Cheque Refunds
  6.3 Process Card DD Refunds


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