Business Master Data  
FPP1 Business Partner create
FPP2 Business Partner change
FPP3 Business Partner display
CAA1 Contract account create
CAA2 Contract account change
CAA3 Contract account display
ES21 Change contract
ES22 Display contract
ES27 Change all contracts
ES28 Display all contracts

  Technical master data
ES55 Create connection object
ES56 Change connection object
ES57 Display connection object
ES60 Create premise
ES61 Change premise
ES62 Display premise
ES65 Create device location
ES66 Change device location
ES67 Display device location
EAMABI Mass billing
EAMASI Mass billing simulation
EAMACH Mass overall check
EASIBI Individual bill
EASISI Individual billing simulation
EASICH Individual overall check
EA00 Billing analysis
EA16 Create manual bill
EA17 Change manual bill
EA18 Display manual bill
EA05 List of outsorted billing/invoice docs
EA20 Billing document reversal
EA21 Bill adjustment reversal
EA22 Display billing document
EA40 Display print document
EA19 Create bill
EA14 Revese print document
Device Management
EG04 Create register group
EG05 Change register group
EG06 Display register group
EG01 Create device category
EG02 Change device category
EG03 Display device category
IQ01 Create device 
IQ02 Change device 
IQ03 Display device
EG30 Full device replacement
EG31 Full device installation
EG32 Full device removal
Meter reading
EL01 Create individual MR order
EL27 List of implausible MR results
EL28 Enter single MR result
EL29 List of plausible MR results
EL30 Meter reading result estimation
EL37 Reverse meter reads
EL31 Monotoring(MR results,billing orders)
Generate configuration
EA52 Display operands
EA91 Display price
EA32 Display rate
EA37 Display billing schema
EA55 Display rate category
EA87 Rate determination
Account receivables and payables
FPL9 Display account balance








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